Spelen upp en bit i musikanter

Music and dance become one, when Erika Lindqvist (dance) and Josefina Paulson (nyckelharpa) meet on stage. The dancer is using her body as an instrument and the nyckelharpa is like the body of the musician, as they move together though the flow of resonance, groove, musical stories and expressons. The limits between traditional roles of dancer and musician in Swedish folk tradition dissolve into the core and heart of the experience.
It is music in movement. It is movement in music. It is the playfull encounter of two excellent performers, where the audience is invited to share the most intimate and engaging insight into a world of music and dance, created in the moment.

Spelen upp en bit i musikanter

is a concert where the two artists play traditional tunes together. They move through musical stories, where the audience get to experience the many ways of comunicating a feeling.

Workshop in communication "Music and dance as one language"

The duo also give workshops in communication between dancer and musician.

"I am interested in the communication of bodies that takes place between people dancing and playing together. When doing so, it is difficult to rely on verbal communication to understand each other. Instead we need to find ways of interpreting the signals and impulses sent out by our bodies and our instruments. We can then find the tools that will enable us to communicate and co-operate on the dance floor, making the experience interesting and joyful"

Erika Lindqvist