Below are a few examples of my music, played by other artists or in collaborations I been part in.

Cmoll valsen /
The C minore waltz

I made this vals in 2013 and it was first recorded on the album "små saker och stora ting" Since then it has taken its own roads and got its own life and been recorded by several other artists, my favourite version by Cavez Montanaro. Something that later on ended up in the collaboration SIRUS.
Music video Cmoll vals

Duo Åkerlund Paulson version of cmoll vals

Music video Cmoll vals

Duo Montanaro Cavez version of cmoll vals

Music video Cmoll vals

Duo Padovani Cavez version of cmoll vals


This is a composition for a collaboration I been lucky to have with the choir Uppsala Vokalensemble and Sofia Ågren. Its released on their album "Fields of light" and the lable Footprint Records. The name refers to the nickname of the choir UV, as well as the bird uv /eagle owl and the beautiful poetry of Tranströmer "människofåglar / human birds" that is heard in the lyrics of song...

Music video Uven

Ninna Nanna

A lullaby, recorded with my duo CIUMAFINA and later used by faboulous dancer Josefine Chiacchiero in one of her performances.

Video NinnaNanna