Sweetalian music

What kind of music do you get if you mix the traditional music from the region Emilia Romagna in Italy with the traditional tunes from Västmanland in Sweden? What does it sound like when the Italian organetto and the Swedish nyckelharpa meet and take turns in leading the dance? Stefano Delvecchio (Ciuma) and Josefina Paulson (Fina) makes CiumaFina and these questions might be answered in this duo exploring a new soundlandscape together. With new compositions and traditional music from their countries they melt together the typical elements from their both traditions into a joint Swetalian style. Passionated waltzes, cheerful gallopes and powerful polkas crowding on the same repertoire as speedy-jiggs, mixed with soft and gentle polskas and imaginative dreamy-tunes. All with main focus on dancability and the musical storytelling.

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Music video I skogen

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